Fuel your mind

Library in Nice France

Library in Nice France

Driving through Nice in France I was surprised to see an extremely unusual building and then delighted to learn it is a library. Who else but the French would build such a quirky building? I love it. The busy tour schedule meant that I couldn’t get back to the library to walk around or go inside. Next time I visit Nice I will for sure. 

Meanwhile at our library we are preparing for the annual celebration of Children’s Book Week and the theme this year is Fuel Your Mind. The CBCA website offers promotional materials for sale to libraries, such as posters and bookmarks, however access and availability of these is limited. Often the graphics are directed towards a young audience and not suited to the secondary school students. So we produce our own signs, posters, and bookmarks. This year we have used the Nice library as the key graphic as it represents the theme of Fuel Your Mind perfectly.

I can only admire and applaud the French creativity, ingenuity and courage for producing architecture such as this unusual library.


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