I like to move it

What an inspiration the Olympic performances are for us all to get out there and move our sluggish bodies! How thrilling is it to watch those toned perfect human physiques pushing themselves to their limits?


It can and does inspire many of us to get on a bike, or run, or swim or whatever. But let’s face it, one or two sessions is not going to do it. It needs to be regular, repetitive, focused and ongoing for all of our lives. It has to be a life style.


My recent trip around Europe involved too much sitting, beer, cheese and pasta and no exercise. I did sweat but that was only because it was so hot in Italy. It has taken me a little while to get back into my exercise routine but now I’m back at it.


I continue to move my body as it ages and it gets harder to keep hold of fitness and flexibility. I love moving my body. I know the feeling of mastery of a movement: having mastered a skill then pushing it to the next level. Having the confidence in your body to be able to accelerate: stretching out with your arm and pulling back with strength; leaning forward on your bike and pushing down hard with your legs; putting your weight into a lean or jump, or pull, or push, knowing your body will respond and reward you with a rush. But the full reward of that rush can only be realised after a foundation of work and effort has been built. It needs discipline, effort, practice, refinement and improvement.


We can’t all be as talented and focused or graceful as Olympic athletes or AFL footballers. We don’t need to be in order to feel that euphoria of achievement. This kind of movement is not a chore but a JOY.

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