Rest your eyes

Imagine this:

Fluorescent green hills rolling back in staggered repetition and dotted with sheep and cattle. Yellow daffodils in random clusters here and there. Skeletons of winter trees with dusted suggestions of spring coloured buds about to bloom.  Silver sheens of bursting dams spilling over into cascades of  urgent streams and flooding rivers making the wild ducks happy. Chilli chocolate coloured earth. A dark backdrop of virgin bushland with tall trees. Yellow wattle trees in bloom. In the distance craggy grey monoliths with an icing of snow appear momentarily when the veil of clouds shift with the gusts. Patches of blue sky now and then. Add an arch of a rainbow.

Close your eyes. Visualise this scene. Breathe and sigh.

Now open your eyes. What do you see?

Traffic. Buildings. Walls. Concrete. Signs. Lights. Street lights. TV screens. Computer screens. More screens. Cars, Trucks. People. Queues. Roads. Poles. Wires. Writing. Instructions. Rules. Demands. Advertising…….

Close your eyes again. Visualise the first scene once again. Rest your eyes. Appreciate the natural world.  Reunite with your soul. Feel the tension leave your body.

This scene is not fictional. It exists. (Even the rainbows!) It is Tasmania.

Day 7 046

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