In search of lost time

The wind howled in from the sea angling the rain across the grey landscape. Undeterred by the rattling old theatre the young musicians played on absorbed in their efforts to revive the talented masters of old.

Kristian Winther on violin and Anthony Romaniukon piano gave an inspired live performance – In Search of Lost Timeat the Reardon Theatre as part of the annual Port Fairy Spring Music Festival. Reliving the Flaneurs of Belle Epoque Paris, they wove an intricate musical tapestry: Poeme by Chausson; Rhapsodie d’Auvergne by Saint-Saens; Carmen Fantasy by Sarasate; and Sonata by Ravel.

The melancholy flavour of the selection was perfect for such a day and a real treat for those of us huddled in the dark warm shelter of the theatre on a wild spring Sunday in wild south –west Victoria.

You can see some of Kristian Winther’s work here. You can see some of Anthony Romaniuk’s work here. Here are some other versions of these pieces that I have located online: Poeme played by Stephen Waarts; Rhapsodie d’Auvergne played by Emily Pei’En Fan; Carmen Fantasy played by Sarah Chang; Ravel’s Sonata(this is really beautiful and well worth listening to).

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