There is an app for that

Apps are revolutionising the way we all use the internet and the way we connect, are entertained and informed. I love my iPod and the things it does for me keeps expanding and enriching my days. When I bought it all I wanted was a device that could play my music choices and allow me to listen to my favourite radio programs when I could. Little did I know how much more this little device could do for me? And it’s not even an iPhone!

Here is a list of the “apps” I currently have on my iPod:

App name Description Internet required
1 iTunes Basic Apple function for iPods, iPhones, iPads yes
2 App Store Basic Apple location for Apps yes
3 Safari Internet Browser for Apple products yes
4 Mail Connects to your chosen email i.e. Gmail yes
5 Facebook Facebook functions via mobile device yes
6 Twitter Twitter functions via mobile device yes
7 Tweetdeck Twitter functions via mobile device yes
8 Google Earth Access to Google Earth yes
9 Wikipedia Access to Wikipedia yes
10 Skpye Face to Face chat – personal “phone” calls yes
11 YouTube YouTube videos yes
12 DrawCast Doodle and create pictures no
13 Solitaire Card game no
14 Mahjong Tile game no
15 Sodoku Number game no
16 Hipstamatic Photography with camera options and photo editing no
17 ClassicCam Photography with camera options and photo editing no
18 Art Guide Lists of art galleries, artists, exhibitions yes
19 Thousands Australian events guide by city yes
20 TED TED talks yes
21 At the Movies ABC At the Movies show yes
22 Dictionary Dictionary yes to refresh but not to find word
23 Translate Translation software with many language options with speech option yes
24 Dropbox File saving and transfer i.e. Word documents yes
25 Pages Document creation and file transfer Not to create and save documents but yes to transfer
26 RTM – Remember The Milk To Do Task list and organiser no
27 Mind Tools Leadership and Management tips no
28 LIndedin Professional Profile connections yes
29 Flashlight Handheld light no
30 Yoga Yoga postures and instructions no
31 Insight Timer Meditation timer and bell no
32 Nike + iPod Exercise walk and run workout program no
33 LYR – Log Your Run Exercise walk run cycle workout program no
34 MyNetDiary Calorie and nutrition counter no
35 21 Day Veg Kickstart Vegetarian diet and recipes no
36 Dalai Lama A brief overview of the life of the Dalai Lama no
37 Buddha Quotes Inspirational quotes yes
38 Amazon Search and purchase at yes
39 Kindle eBook purchasing, storing and reading Yes to purchase but not to read eBook
40 iBooks Apple eBook purchasing, storing and reading Yes to purchase but not to read eBook
41 Borders Borders eBook purchasing, storing and reading Yes to purchase but not to read eBook
42 State Library NSW NSW State Library Events and information yes
43 Library Anywhere Connection to Public Library catalogues yes
44 iSpydus Staff Library Catalogue connection for Library Staff yes
45 Podcasts Enormous amount of podcasts to choose from radio, TV, independent.
Find your favourite and subscribe for automatic updates when you have
internet access.
Yes to download but not to listen

Lazing by the pool

How much do you like lazing by the pool? Can’t get enough of it? Could be a dream come true? Just what you need? A little R&R?

That’s what I thought too! That was until I was fortunate enough to get a chance to do it.

I recall years ago visiting this tropical location on a family camping trip. We camped in the local caravan park on the beautiful beach. We walked along the beach and peeked in at the luxury resort awestruck by the beautiful swimming pools. Never did I dare to imagine that one day I would be lazing by one of those pools.

And yet, there was I just last  week lazing by the pools, swimming in the pools, ordering cool drinks that waiters brought to my lounge chair. It seemed decadent and I felt like a bit of  a fraud. This level of luxury does sit well on my conscience. I can open my own  door thank you. And carry my own bag – I’m not an invalid. I don’t mind getting  up and walking to the bar to order a drink.

How long before the laze by the  pool on the sun lounge gets a little boring? I start to fidget. I go for a  swim. I read another couple of pages of a boring book. I get on Facebook on my  phone and tell my friends that I am bored or lazing by the pool, or whatever.

This resort is aging and in need  of a makeover. There are cheap packages available – one we bought. The food is  quite awful – food for the masses – smorgasbords of food that could be fresher  and authentic. Was that reconstituted egg I tasted in the scrambled eggs for  breakfast? I’m not a fussy eater but at this level of promoted luxury you do  expect the food to be at least real. The banana smoothie I ordered had banana essence as the banana component: not a real banana to be seen. I know bananas are expensive at the moment but this is the tropics and this is a luxury resort!

I’m not good at sitting still. I  need to explore, walk, and look around. The boat trips to the outer barrier  reef were great. We snorkelled and we saw turtles, reef fish, and colourful coral.  We saw whales and dolphins. We walked around the town dreaming about buying a  little piece of tropical paradise.

It was good to get a little bit  of warmth and sunshine, but I am quite happy to be back at home under grey  skies. And now at least I know that lazing by the pool is not all that it  appears.