Holiday at home

It is so nice to have a holiday at home. I have made a regular habit of taking leave before Christmas each year, as I find the lead up each year to be unbearable. A break from work helps me to get through the commercial madness with some sanity. I can avoid the nasty potted Christmas music in the stores, as well as the jovial premature well wishes by those that actually revel in the “spirit” and not feel like a Grinch.

So I have caught up with family, had a facial and massage, made some lovely meals, played my neglected piano, worked on that oil painting that has been waiting and gathering dust, gone for bike rides and walks, shopped, had meals and coffee in local cafes and restaurants, watched movies, gardened, cleaned the windows, practiced meditation and yoga.

Oh and what do librarians do when they are on holiday from work? They read of course. So I am currently reading Living As A River: Finding Fearlessness In The Face Of Change by Bodhipaksa. I am also catching up on reading blogs and twitter posts.

I will finish my leave with a weekend meditation retreat with the group I attend. And return to work with a clear mind ready to tackle the Dukkha.

Mindful ebooks

I borrowed the ebook Mindful Movements by Thich Nhat Hanh through  my local public library and downloaded it onto my iPod using the Library Anywhere app and the Bluefire app. I have a 21 day loan and then the gorgeously illustrated ebook will disappear from my iPod. All FREE. No fines for overdues. No cables. Just via wireless internet access directly onto my iPod.

OK so I did have to be a library member with a password, and register with the ebook supplier, and have an itunes account. But other than that…it proved to be seamless.

Contact Glenelg Libraries  for more information.